We are all always looking for different ideas for gifts to give to our loved ones and friends. Carriage driving is an excellent gift idea because the level of excitement can be tailored to the individuals requirements and it is available to all ages and levels of fitness.

The carriage that we use allows the instructor to hold a pair of reins as well as the driver.  The instructor will be sitting next to you. First of all the basics of starting, stopping, turning left, and turning right are established and then the different paces of walk, trot and canter are experienced. Then there is the opportunity to try driving a course of cones or an obstacle.

The basic experience lasts for an hour and costs £40. We offer a more advanced experience that consists of driving for two hours with a tea break in between, costing £70. The advanced plus experience is a half day course. On this course you will learn about different harness and carriages, plus be given the opportunity to drive a pair of horses and drive on the road. Price available on request.

For any further information, please contact us either by phone or by email.