We invite you to join us on a drive around the local villages of Bircotes, Haworth, Styrrup, Serlby Tickhill and Bawtry every Saturday, weather permitting. There will be a morning drive at 10:30am and an afternoon drive at 2:00pm.

Different carriages can accommodate more or less customers, so its essential that you book before hand. The cost per person is £20 and the drive will last approximately 1 hour. Light refreshments will be provided during the drive and its important that you are appropriately dressed for the British weather.

Personally, what I love about carriage driving, is the sense of nostalgia that it creates. The sound of the horse's footsteps, their smell, the tranquility and the beautiful sound of birds singing. Even the passing pedestrians never miss a chance to wave hello and children's faces are adorable as we pass by. When taking our team of four ponies out, people have stopped to take photos and even to video us.

In our cars rushing around from A to B we miss out on what a journey through nature, truly has to offer to us. To interact with strangers by saying "Good morning " or "Good afternoon", always make me feel happy.

So come and join us, lets see if we can put a smile on your face, by sharing this wonderful experience with you.