Carriage Driving

I first became interested in the sport of driving trials, when the job that I had was to ride the horses to improve their balance and confidence as individuals. Then when the four horses were driven as a team, I could visibly see how the training I'd been involved with, improved the whole team. Therefore, in 2009 my driving career began and it's been amazing. I produced Merlyn (the pony on the left ), first as a single and then it was Dylan's turn. In 2011 we competed nationally; we qualified for and competed at the National Championships that same year. I find driving is much more a team players sport. You need to have a groom on the back to balance the carriage, and on the roads to help by watching the traffic to keep everyone safe. The picture of the pair of ponies at the top was taken in April 2015. It's at Keysoe at the Indoor driving championships. The ponies are 19yrs and 17ys. In 2011 my backstepper  was my mum aged 70yrs. Then in 2015, both my mum and dad decided they wanted to learn how to drive, which they have done and are pictured below. I think it's fantastic that ponies drive till older ages, and its open to all humans ages too. I really want to encourage more people into the sport, its great fun and really friendly.